Exhibition Napoleonstadl - Stucco Frequence Cocoon

Napoleonstadl - Stucco Frequence Cocoon
Temporary Installation in
the Carinthian Architectur Center

The competition brief provided an detailed! history of the Napoleonstadl and
a cataloge of sponsored material, that we were inspired to the following:

As mysthical as the story of Napoleons usage of the "old" House, are the reports of the effects of mobile phone frequences and fields with other medias, like humans.

The proposal for the Exhibtion in the Napoleonstadl focuses on the visualisation of the mobile field effects through a pysical body. Similar to a castle, on which the marks of battle can still be seen although the force that created them has long fanished, the deformation of this body materialises the interaction with the unrecognisable fields sourrounding us every day.

The installation inverts the spacial and temporal condition of the existing building, with the 1830 building filled with an 20th century steel interior.

By representing the raptured virtual body through stripes of anti-mobile frequence net on the outside and an complete art-nouvo stucco profile wrap on the interior forming an unique exhibition space and bar.

Date: 2004
Title: Stucco Frequence Cocoon
Client: Architektur Zentrum Kärnten
Budget: 5000 €

Materials provided by industry partner of comeption host:
Anti Mobile Frequnce Net
Selection of Stucco Profiles

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