New Museum for Contemporary Art Istanbul

Traversing the Edge - New Museum for Contemporary Art Istanbul


Motion is an index for a change of condition - It is one of the basic stimuli that attracts human perception immediately. The design concept of the museum hybrid focuses on this idea, by exploring the perceptive relationship between a patterned/ornamented façade and a fluidly changing building mass creating oscillating visual effects of depth and implied motion. The idea of motion is also seen as an index for Turkeys changing social and political situation and Istanbul’s unique role as the linking hub between Europe and Asia, where ideas from both continents have converged for centuries.


Istanbul, from an urban perspective, grows exuberantly along it´s steep slopes facing the Marmara Sea and the Golden Horn, while the inland sides are often neglected, forming underdeveloped pockets. By placing a cultural building on an inland slope off Taksim square, the project tries to initiate urban renewal, densification and gentrification away from the waterside. Through this Istanbul could grow to its inside, instead of further expanding along the sea.


The diversified topology around the site supports this idea by generating a multitude of vistas, that strongly vary in height and angle, changing the perception of the building from multiple points in the city.


The museum is seen as an urban connector and destination point, where art should be able to flow out of the building and the city should be able to flow inside. Through an all-time open atrium
where visitors are welcomed to engage in artistic discourse, attend music, cinematic and arts festivals, or maybe just hang out on their way elsewhere, the museum becomes a hybrid space where different kinds of people can meet and unexpected events can occur.


1st Floor

entrance level

Organizationally the museum tries to create a mixture between a fluid open space concept that uses specifically shaped, unique volumes for the permanent collection and more versatile spaces for the temporary exhibitions.


By combining the museum with an office tower the project is futher connected to the social context of hotels and offices surrounding the site, generating sufficient funding for the museum.

Interior perspective

Model Pictures

1:500 Model

1:100 Model

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